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    RSS Generator

    In an age where consumers require immediacy, RSS feeds satisfy the demand for constant information.
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    Take your product catalogue business to the next level with Apacesolutions's Online Catalogue Application.
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    Apacesolutions's expertise in developing eCommerce and Shopping Cart applications ensures a convenient, secure, and hassle-free shopping experience.
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    Apacesolutions's Content Management System is created to be user-friendly and self-explanatory.
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    The development of blogs, RSS feeds, Wikis, and social bookmarks allows subscribers to fully utilize the social power of the web.
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RSS Generator
In an age where consumers require immediacy, RSS feeds satisfy the demand for constant information.

RSS feeds allow pertinent information to be delivered to users as soon as it is available on the Internet. This eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming email newsletters, opting for immediate accessibility. No wonder RSS feeds are gaining popularity in the world of e-information. Presenting clients with an option to use feeds, offers the advantage of being first among competitors to offer access to RSS.

RSS feeds are a step in the right direction for businesses. They allow the sending of a title, description, links, images, and other information to a subscriber's computer the moment the information is available online. The information contained in the feed is "pulled" by an RSS Reader to the user, as opposed to being "pushed" to the user like emails. RSS feeds are especially useful for businesses that host news, press releases, product specials or blogs, where instantaneous communication is essential.

Apacesolutions, a company on the forefront of website development has created an application that easily integrates with content management systems. Our RSS Generator can automatically convert your news and other press related items into an RSS feed, ensuring your clients instant access to your information. Numerous options are available to customize feeds.
These include:
  • Option to display in RSS feed, or only on website.
  • Choose between full text or summaries in the feeds.
  • Option of including images in your feed, or just text.
  • Select the number of items you want to include in your feed.
Apacesolutions will seamlessly amalgamate any system with RSS capabilities in accordance to individual requirements. Now communication abilities can be faster, more efficient than ever. Call us today and let Apacesolutions take care of your website needs!

Remember, Apacesolutions provides other web applications to make a website more efficient, distinctive, and profitable. Contact us.
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